First of all, I'm going to describe the concepts of: GERONTOLOGY and GERIATRIC, because it's very important to know the difference between them.
  • Gerontology is the study of all aspects of the aging process, including the clinical, psychologic, economic and sociologic problems of elderly and society. 
  • Geriatric is the medical specialty that deals with the physiology of aging and with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the aged.

A geriatric patient is one having three or more of the following characteristics:
  1. Over 75 years.
  2. Relevant comorbidity.
  3. Main disabling disease.
  4. Mental pathology.
  5. Social problems in relation to his health.
  • Healthy Elderly: the person hasn't got any illness and has functional, social and mental capacity conserved. The person is independent.
  • ILL Elderly: the person has an acute illness but hasn't got any important illness or mental and social problems.
  • Frail or high risk elderly: the person has one or more base illnes and is independent. However, the person has high risk of being dependent.

  1. Cure and provide comfort and independence.
  2. Comprehensive geriatric assenssment.
  3. Requires multidisciplinary team.
  4. Know when treat and/or cure. Make effective palliative treatment.
  5. Don't overtreat mild condition or overlook serious conditions.
  6. Rehabilitate, strivring for increased functionality.
  7. Family is very important for a good care for the patient.
  8. The elderly can be educated.
  9. Search some disease not diagnose at the moment.
  10. Be alert to the presence of atypical disease.
  11. Depression is very typical of geriatric patients.
  12. Never underestimate the morbidimpact of vision or hearing loss.
  13. Always try to prevent more disability.

Geriatric nursing is a branch of nursing, specialized in the care of the elderly. This job requires a lot of involvement for achieve the well-being of the geriatric patients, according to the typical age limitations.

Therefore, nursing should perform the following functions:

  1. Prevention of complications.
  2. Management problems that can interfer with functional recovery.
  3. Avoid to the elderly becomes a social burden or a chronic sick.
  4. Improve the quality of life better than prolong.
  5. Promote the patient's independence.
  6. Education to patients and their families in managing the activities of daily living.
  7. Monitor the evolution of the elderly, and detect problems that may delay it.
  8. Take responsability of the care process.
  9. Disease prevention and help in the process of dying.
  10. Management, administrative, teaching,researcher and welfare functions.
  11. Teamwork.
In conclusion, geriatric nurses must be able to understand of the mental/physical problems of the elderly and to work with patients who have terminal illness.
I think that geriatric nursing is a difficult job, but it's also very rewarding.

Now, I have found these videos which will make you think.

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  1. Very great points. Everyone should be informed on the different types of elderly situations like the people at the senior care in Queens NY are.